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Austrian Legislation Related to Foreign Investments

Austrian Legislation Related to Foreign Investments

With investments coming from powerful economies like Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, Italy and the Netherlands, Austria is one of the largest recipients of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Europe. The growing number of foreign enterprisers opening companies here year after year reflects the development of the country’s economic situation, while the high quality of life is shown in Vienna occupying the first position in Mercer’s Quality of Life Index in 2016.

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in this country can receive assistance from our company formation agents in Austria.

What are the main laws governing foreign investments Austria?

First of all, Austria does not discriminate between local and foreign investors, which is why the Commercial Code provides the same requirements for both types of enterprisers seeking to open companies here. The most important Austrian laws governing foreign investments are:

  • the Civil Law;
  • the Limited Liability Company Law;
  • the Stock Exchange Law;
  • the Joint Stock Company Law;
  • the Employment Contract Adaptation Law;
  • the Reorganization Tax Law.

Austria also included most of the EU directives in its national laws. Among these, The Law on Societas Europea, the EU Merger Law and the EC Merger Regulation which provide for EU investors interested to expand their foreign companies in Austria without further requirements from the local authorities. Additionally, Austria has enabled several laws related to specific industries foreign investors are most interested in. Among these, the financial and the trading industries.

What are the most important incentives for foreign investors in Austria?

Apart from the legislation related to foreign investments in Austria, the government also offers a wide range of incentives which are adapted every year to the investors’ needs. Among these are:

  • industry-targeted cash incentives;
  • subsidies;
  • tax rebates;
  • guarantees related to exports;
  • loans with preferential interests.

Apart from these, Austria ensures a strong protection of intellectual property rights which is very important for the research and development industry.

Considering there are also a few exceptions related to foreign investments in the country, we invite you to contact our company registration consultants in Austria to find out more about them. Please keep in mind that we also offer company formation services in Austria.