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Company Formation Services in Salzburg

Company Formation Services in Salzburg

Foreign investors who come to Austria have several zones they can choose to open companies in. Among these, areas which host large cities like the capital Vienna or Graz. There are also smaller cities which offer the same investments possibilities, such as Salzburg which is mainly known as tourist destination.

Foreign enterprisers interested in opening companies in Salzburg can rely on our company formation services in Austria.

Why start a business in Salzburg?

Salzburg is the 4th largest city in Austria and it is located in the heart of country, in the region of Osterreich. According to recent surveys issued by Eurostat, Salzburg is one of the most dynamic and appealing investments destinations in Europe and the European Union, which is why it is also very important for the Austrian economy. As a matter of fact, Salzburg accounts for more than 7% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

Among the prolific industries in which investors can open companies in Salzburg are:

  • – agriculture;
  • – forestry;
  • – services;
  • – retail.

Salzburg is also home to some of the largest automotive companies in Europe which makes the city appropriate for industries like metal processing and machinery and equipment production.

A particularity of Salzburg is that in the most recent years, the number of small companies registered here has increased spectacularly.

We offer company formation services in Salzburg to both local and foreign enterprisers interested in this city as an investment destination.

Our company registration services in Salzburg, Austria

We can help both local and foreign entrepreneurs who want to open companies in Salzburg by offering them the following company formation services:

  • – support in drafting and filing the company’s incorporation documents with the Trade Register;
  • – tax and VAT registration;
  • – accounting services;
  • – assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses for starting the operations;
  • – business and tax consultancy.

Foreign enterprisers can also benefit from virtual office services in case they need a registered address for the companies in Salzburg.

For full information on the company formation services available in Salzburg, please contact our Austrian company registration consultants.