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Create a Publishing Business in Austria

Create a Publishing Business in Austria

According to various reports issued during the last few years, Austria is home to many media and publishing companies compared to the population of the country. Given the use of the German language a large number of these companies have passed over the Austrian borders and are now flourishing.

The media sector in Austria can be divided into:

  • –          the traditional media which implies radio and television;
  • –          the digital media which implies online media channels;
  • –          the printed media.

Statistics show that daily newspapers are very popular among Austrian citizens, so if you are interested in setting up a printing business in this country you are on the right path. Our company formation agents in Austria can assist with the company registration procedure.

Legislation related to the publishing sector in Austria

Opening a publishing company in Austria implies respecting the provisions of the Media Law which also covers the printed press. According to the law, the publishing sector is divided into:

  • –          newspapers;
  • –          books;
  • –          magazines.

Publishing companies in Austria are also divided based on the market they address, which can be a product or a geographical market. The authorities supervising Austrian publishing businesses are the Telecom Control Commission, the Communications Authority and the Federal Communications Senate.

Our company registration consultants in Austria can offer more information on the legislation related to starting a print business.

Registering a publishing company in Austria

The creation of a publishing business in Austria implies choosing the right type of structure and registering it with the Trade Register followed by applying for the necessary print licenses. The types of entities available for company registration in Austria are the sole proprietorship, the limited liability company and the partnership. Once the business form is chosen, the owner must have the documents of incorporation prepared and filed with the Austrian Trade Register. The publishing license will be issued in accordance with the market the Austrian media company will target.

Publishing businesses can rely on the services offered by our team of Austrian accountants. We personalize our packages according not only to the industry in which the business activates, but also according to the number of employees. Part of our solutions include bookkeeping, auditing and tax consultancy, preparing the annual financial statements, as well as expert financial reports.

For full information on the legislation related to the publishing sector in Austria, please feel free to contact us. We can also assist you with the company formation process in Austria.