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Open a Catering Company in Austria

Open a Catering Company in Austria

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to open companies in the food industry in Austria have several choices. Among these, they can open restaurants and catering establishments, with the mention that they will require a lower amount of money for setting up a catering business.

Even if it cheaper to open an Austrian catering company, the business will need to obtain the same licenses as a restaurant. Our company formation agents in Austria can explain the requirements related to starting a catering business in this country.

Registering a catering business with the Austrian authorities

Foreign investors will benefit from the same requirements as local ones if they want to establish a catering company. The company must first be registered with the Trade Registry in Austria. Then, the licensing requirements must be respected. Also, the company will be subject to authorization and registration with several authorities.

The following aspects related to the licensing of the Austrian catering company must be considered:

  • –          the trading license issued by the Companies Register is required when applying for the food license;
  • –          the company must undergo an inspection from the city hall’s office where the activities are completed;
  • –          other inspections could be required based on the products prepared and sold by the catering unit;
  • –          the same hygiene regulations must be respected by all types of catering companies, no matter if they are home-based or not.

Our company registration consultants in Austria can help with the incorporation of the catering business.

Our accountants in Austria can help business owners with complete information about tax compliance for corporations, the preparation and submission of the annual financial statements, tax filing and payment (and the advance corporate tax payments), as well as with payroll and social security payments. We also offer personalized counselling and quarterly or biannual financial reports, as may be needed. 

Documents required when opening a catering business in Austria

When opening a catering company in Austria, the city hall issuing the licenses for the business will require the following list of documents from the applicant:

  1.        complete information about all the employees – their qualifications and role in the company;
  2.        information about the equipment used on the premises of the catering company;
  3.        documents indicating the company has obtained all the necessary licenses for operating;
  4.        in the case of foreign business owners, their passports are also necessary.

For assistance in opening a catering business in Austria, please feel free to contact our local consultants.