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Open a Jewelry Business in Austria

Open a Jewelry Business in Austria

Foreign enterprisers who want to start companies in Austria have plenty of choices in matter of industries. Austria is one of the best performing economies in Europe and the local market is opened for both small and large-sized businesses, depending on how much one is willing to spend.

One of the most important trends at global level is the creation of small companies which offer unique products or services, one of the most prolific in this sense being jewelry companies.

There are no special requirements for those who want to start jewelry businesses in Austria, however they must respect the local legislation related to registering a company here. Our Austrian company formation agents can explain these laws.

Registering the jewelry business with the Austrian authorities

Local and foreign investors must follow the requirements of the Commercial Code and register their businesses with the Trade Register in Austria. This procedure is mandatory no matter if the jewelry company is created as home-based business, as a physical or online shop.

Those who want to open online jewelry companies in Austria must also have a website created, an e-commerce platform integrated, as well as securing online payment methods for the customers. For this purpose, merchant bank accounts are the most suitable option.

Our company formation consultants can help with the registration of the selected type of structure for opening a jewelry company in Austria.

Your company in Austria needs to remain compliant with the accounting principles and the requirements of preparing annual financial statements. Our team of Austrian accountants can give you details about the tax filing dates, how your company is taxed and subject to VAT, and can help you with the preparation of the annual financial statements. For a complete list of services, please reach out to our team.

Special requirements for jewelry businesses in Austria

Those who want to open jewelry shops in Austria are not required to have any special qualifications. However, the products they sell must comply with certain regulations, such as the General Product Safety Directive which provides for good sold to the public, jewelry included.

Also, in the case of those selling items made of silver of gold, these must bear the hallmark indicating the material the product was made of.

Those setting up larger jewelry businesses in Austria also have the possibility to enter associations created for jewelers and thus increase the success of their venture.

If you are interested in opening a jewelry company in this country and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our company registration advisors in Austria.