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Residence Permit for Investments in Austria

Residence Permit for Investments in Austria

Moving to Austria has many benefits for those who choose this country, as it is one of the most prolific in the entire European Union. There are several ways through which foreign citizens from EU and non-EU states can immigrate to Austria and obtaining a residence permit by investment is definitely one of the most appealing ways of doing that.

Quick Facts  
Investor visa availability (YES/NO)

Yes, multiple options are available.

Types of residence permits for investments in Austria

– the investor visa,

– the residence investor program,

– the key manager residence,

– work permit scheme

Startup visa availability (YES/NO)


Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO) No, there are no requirements to obtain a residence permit for investments in Austria.
Minimum amount requirement

Minimum investment can start at EUR 100,000

Access to permanent residence (YES/NO)

Yes, after 5 years

Direct citizenship availability (YES/NO)


Language requirements

German language can bring additional points under the Startup Visa.

Job creation for Austrian citizens (YES/NO)

Yes, under the investor visa

Possibility to move with family members Yes, it is possible to immigrate with family members.
Self-employment possibility through the programs

Yes, against an investment of at least EUR 100,000.

Timeframe to obtain an investor visa (approx.) Approx. 8 weeks
Timeframe to obtain residency/citizenship by investment in Austria

Between 24 and 36 months

Income tax

Income tax is applied progressively and ranges between 0% and 55%.

Investment immigration services availability (YES/NO) Yes, we can assist if you want to apply for a residence permit for investments in Austria.

Below, our company formation agents in Austria explain the main ways a foreign citizen can relocate to this country based on residence by investment, as there are two options available. You can also rely on us if you want to start a business in this country and obtain Austria residency by investment

Options for obtaining an Austria residency by investment in 2024 

There are two main legal pathways through which a foreigner can obtain an Austria residence by investment, and these are:

  • the investor visa;
  • the residence investor program;
  • the key manager residence and work permit scheme.

Each has its own requirements and under both of them non-EU citizens can move to Austria and obtain residence permits by investment in 2024.

Our specialists in Austria can help you decide for the program suiting you the best for Austria residency by investment. 

The Austrian investor visa

Inspired by the large number of EU countries that have enabled golden visa programs, Austria has created the investor visa under which it is possible to move here through an active investment.

This program enables citizens from countries around the world to move to Austria and obtain residency by investment. The main requirements to accede to this program are:

  • The foreign national is a third-country national when he/she is self-employed and this occupation brings a macroeconomic benefit;
  • The minimum capital transfer investment in Austria for the purpose of engaging in the occupation is EUR 100,000;
  • The business is significant for the region.

The first type of investment also requires the creation of jobs.

What should be noted about this program is that is does not represent a direct way to Austrian citizenship, but only to permanent residency.

There are also other ways of obtaining permanent residency in 2024, among which the possibility of opening a company in Austria, however, this procedure implies additional steps, among which the incorporation of a business.

The residence investor program in Austria in 2024

Another way of moving to this country and gaining an Austria residency by investment in 2024 is the investor scheme. It has less stringent requirements and has the benefit of allowing immigration with close family members.

The requirements for this program imply the following:

The funds must be deposited in an Austrian or international bank. Also, full health insurance and a permanent place to stay must be secured before starting the application procedure.

This is one of the safest ways of moving to Austria and obtaining a residence permit by investment, especially when considering that the main applicant can include the spouse and underage children on the same form.

If you need guidance in moving to Austria and finding a place to stay which is part of the immigration by investment procedure, you can ask for more information from our officers.

We remind you that we specialize in company formation matters in Austria and we can also help you in this regard.

Moving to Austria as a manager

Even if this is not a residency by investment options, many foreign citizens who are qualified can relocate to Austria under this program provided that they obtain a management role with a minimum salary per month in a local company.

This program also enables family immigration, and it represents one of the fastest ways of moving to Austria.

Procedure of immigrating to Austria and gaining a residence permit by investment

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit for investments in Austria in 2024 starts with the Austrian embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country. The following documents need to be prepared in this sense:

  1. the valid passports of all persons moving here;
  2. proof of marriage or civil partnership deed (in the case of divorced persons, the divorce certificate is required);
  3. children’s birth certificates;
  4. the rental or title deed for accommodation in Austria;
  5. health insurance;
  6. proof of sufficient means of self-support;
  7. proof of good command of German.

Once submitted, it should be noted that the procedure for approval can take between 3 and 7 months.

Some of the application fees for third-country nationals who wish to stay in the country for longer periods include the following:

  • An initial application fee of EUR 120 for the submission to obtain a residence permit;
  • A fee of EUR 75 for the residence permit of a child under 6 years of age.

Austria is part of the European Union and moving here comes with various benefits, among which free travel to EU and Schengen states.  Austrian citizenship can be obtained after living here for 10 years.

According to Statistical data, international immigration to Austria in 2022 has seen an increase of 69.9% compared to 2021.

If you want to immigrate to Austria and apply for a resident permit by investment, do not hesitate to contact our local specialists.