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Set Up a Healthcare Business in Austria

Set Up a Healthcare Business in Austria

Austria has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in world, according to various reports. The healthcare industry contributes with up to 11% to the Austrian economy on a yearly basis and, according to the Ministry of Health, this sector rose by 5% annually in the last 20 years. With close to 300 hospitals where people from all over the world come to be treated, investing in the healthcare industry in Austria can be one of the best business opportunities for foreign investors.

Entrepreneurs can also consider other branches than the medical one if they decide to open a healthcare business in Austria. Our company registration agents in Austria can offer information on the legislation related to healthcare in this country.

Most prolific sectors of the Austrian healthcare industry

As mentioned above, the medical sector is not only profitable branch of the healthcare industry in Austria. As a matter of fact, the pharmaceutical sector is currently one of the best industries to open an Austrian company in.

Foreign investors who want to set up businesses in healthcare in Austria can consider the following types of companies:

  • –          insurance companies which offer all types of medical insurance services;
  • –          medical engineering companies which is expected to be one of the most important economic sectors in the near future;
  • –          research and development companies with a focus on pharmaceutical products.

No matter the type of healthcare company one decides to open, specific licenses must be obtained. You can rely on our Austrian company formation consultants for assistance in registering the business.

Why open healthcare company in Austria?

Austrian healthcare companies are among the most appreciated in the world for the quality of their products and services, as the government invests in hospitals and know-how constantly. Also, exports of medical devices and medicines are rising year after year in Austria. The country is a leader when it comes to insurance related to healthcare, therefore the industry is open not only to specialists, but also to investors who simply want to invest in the healthcare industry.

Businesses in the healthcare sector are subject to annual reporting, tax filing and compliance, as well as to value-added tax. Our Austrian accountants can provide you with detailed information about the entirety of your tax and reporting obligations if you open such a business. We offer tailored services, according to the size of the company and its number of emloyees.

For assistance in opening a healthcare company in Austria, please contact our company formation representatives.