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About us

Our firm – Ruttensteiner Business Consulting – is specialized in company formation, corporate law, tax law, mergers & acquisitions, IPRs, restructuring, and foreigners’ rights.

All of our employees have education in law or economy and are true experts in their areas. If you have already experienced the traditional local way of doing business, you can probably imagine why our services are so popular.

The English-speaking staff in our office ensures interactive communication on all issues. We will be happy to offer you solutions to the most relevant legal issues.

Dietmar Erwin Ruttensteiner is the founder of Ruttensteiner Business Consulting and a municipal councilor for European affairs, specialist lay judge for employment and social law and Upper Austria environmental officer in communities. He established Ruttensteiner IT Consulting company in 1993 and then gained international business experience and relationships to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Dubai, Brazil, USA and others. Ruttensteiner has industry experience and contacts in the Austrian metalworking industry, mechanical engineering and manufacturing, food and beverage and trading in the B2B sector.


– WKO division UBIT (management consultant accountant and information technology)

– BÖP Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists

– ÖDVNLP Austrian umbrella organization for NLP (neurolinguistic programming)

– Member of the Expert Group Innovation at WKO Styria (Chamber of Commerce Austria)

– Member ARGE Initiative proEthik WKO (Chamber of Commerce Austria)

– Austrian Business Club in Russia

Main services for local and foreign investors

We offer business consulting services for foreign investors who want to set up a company in Austria. We can act on your behalf with a power of attorney which means that you don’t have to come to Austria in order to start your business.

We can help you with:

– opening a branch;
– setting up a limited liability company (GmbH);
– opening a sole proprietorship;
– obtaining business address with mail processing service;
– takeover of the function of permanent representative and commercial manager;
– registering of a TAX and UID number;
– obtaining residence permit for managing directors;
– Red White Red Card for special workers
– takeover of employees on our payroll;
– takeover of operational activities;
– payroll accounting;
– tax advice and accounting etc.

In order to have your question answered by our specialists or set up an appointment please call our office at+43 720 3037351.