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Virtual Office in Austria

Virtual Office in Austria

virtual office is a service offered by our company formation agents that allows companies to retain a physical address in the country, without the need for permanent presence at the said location. Just like any other service, it can be tailored to the specific needs of the client.

 Quick Facts
Address availability (YES/NO)
Yes, in top business centers
Local phone number (YES/NO)
Company registered address use possibility (YES/NO)
Yes, companies can use the address for various services
Mail collection and forwarding option (YES/NO)
Meeting room availability (YES/NO)
Yes, with prior booking
Virtual assistant option (YES/NO)
Yes, based on an additional fee
Uses of a virtual office
– for business incorporation purposes,
– as a local contact point,
– as a professional address for sole entrepreneurs
Documents required to acquire the service
Contract form drafted by the provider
Customized services availability (YES/NO)
Yes, the buyer can choose the suitable options
Availability in one or more cities
Yes, availability in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Linz, etc.
Timeframe to acquire the service (approx.)
24 – 48 hours
Employee required
No, however employees can be dettached
Availability of other services
– bank statement collection,
– co-working spaces availability,
– access to various communication facilities 
Minimum rental period
One month
– easy and quick to obtain,
– cheap and flexible service,
– no maintenace or administration costs,
– personalized facilities

virtual office in Vienna can be a suitable option for businesses operating in industries that are location independent, such as IT or business consulting, as well as others. Austria is a very popular country among foreign investors seeking to do business in Europe. As a member of the EU, it attracts many enterprisers from other EU states, but also from Asia and even from North America.

The requirements for company formation in Austria stipulate that both locally registered and foreign enterprisers must have a local registered address at all times.  This address can successfully be replaced by an Austrian virtual office during the phase of the company registration process.

Local and foreign investors who wish to know more about the incorporation requirements, as well as their available options, can reach out to our team specializing in company formation in Austria. If you would like more information about our virtual office packages, do not hesitate to contact us to receive a personalized offer.

The advantages of a virtual office in Vienna

The virtual office is a service that can be suitable for small or medium-sized businesses, as well as start-ups in Austria. Here are the most important advantages, presented by our company formation experts:

  1. Reduced costs: with a virtual office, the company will not be concerned with rent or maintenance costs, not with costs related to utilities, office equipment or occasional repairs;
  2. A good business image: the company’s address will be that of the office building from which the virtual office service is provided; this is a central location, offering a credible business image;
  3. Flexibility: the team, as well as the company founders, have the choice to work remotely, from any chose location;
  4. Adaptability: with hybrid work packages, the company will be able to enjoy the advantages of both the virtual office option, and the physical location, when selecting a solution that grants access to office space as needed.

Packages can be tailored to the needs of the company, with access to meeting room space only booked in advance, as needed.

virtual office in Vienna package is generally acquired for 1-year periods, however, you can get in touch with our team to find out more about the payment options.

Services covered by a virtual office in Austria

Foreign investors choosing our virtual offices in Austria will benefit from one or more services, among which:

  • a local address – virtual offices are usually located in business centers in major cities in Austria;
  • one or more local phone numbers, depending on the requirements of the client;
  • meeting room services – our clients can book meeting rooms if they have business meetings in Austria;
  • personalized voicemail, call redirect and forwarding services – clients can choose the best service for them;
  • bank statement collection and forwarding services for those who have bank accounts opened in Austria.

The chosen package can also include additional services, as well as premium options, depending on the needs of the client.

For most companies, the virtual office without access to physical offices will suffice, however, those businesses that also need access to dedicated spaces and business solutions can also request:

  • access to meeting rooms: depending on the size of the meeting and the additional facilities, such as projectors or technology for video meetings;
  • access to individual offices: for executives who wish to have access to a dedicated and separate office space including access to Wi-Fi and basic office furnishings;
  • access to coworking spaces: shared spaces for coworking, located in modern office buildings, with access to other office facilities such as printers;
  • others: access to the building’s shared spaces (kitchen, lunge area, etc.), parking.

If you require other services integrated into a virtual office, our company registration consultants in Austria can meet these requirements.

Virtual office services for foreign companies in Austria

Foreign companies can also take advantage of the virtual office services in Austria. The office can be used as a contact point for business partners or clients.

In a sense, the virtual office resembles the liaison office in Austria, due to the fact that it allows the company to maintain its presence in the country.

Obtaining a virtual office in Austria for a foreign company is straightforward with our assistance.  

The foreign company’s representative can meet with or discuss with our advisors over the phone and let them know what they need.

The virtual office services agreement will be signed once the details are discussed. 

We can also provide foreign companies with information on using a virtual office for a branch in Austria.

For investors who are interested in starting a business and running it through a virtual office, our team of accountants in Austria offers complete services for accounting and bookkeeping, payroll accounting, auditing, and tax consultancy. We offer efficient solutions according to business size, as well as individual answers to particular questions regarding tax.

Company formation in Austria

As previously mentioned, the virtual office can be used as the company’s registered address.

This means that the address at which the virtual office service provider is located (usually a modern office building in an Austrian city) will be the one included in the company’s incorporation documents, and the one used by the authorities when they send notices to the company.

Nonetheless, choosing to work via a virtual office is only one of the mandatory steps for investors who create a company in Austria.

Our team lists some of the most important requirements for an Austrian limited liability company below:

  1. Have a unique name: the founders are advised to prepare multiple name options and conduct a name search with the help of our team;
  2. Prepare the documents: the Memorandum and Articles of Association are the company’s founding documents, prepared with the assistance of our team;
  3. Register the business: all companies are registered with the Commercial Register (Firmenbuch) and then apply for any other licenses, according to the industry.

Our team presents a set of statistical data on businesses in the country, as provided by Statistics Austria:

  • the total number of companies in 2020 was 359,284;
  • 80,179 companies were activating in the wholesale and retail sector;
  • 74,566 companies were active in the professional scientific and technical activities sector;

For full information our virtual office packages in Vienna, please contact us.

You can rely on us if you want to open a company in Austria. We can also help you obtain residency by investment in Austria