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GmbH Registration in Austria

GmbH Registration in Austria

An investor who wants to open a company in Austria can select the GmbH when opting for a small business in 2022. This legal form is also available for those who want to set up e-commerce companies which are currently very appealing for various reasons.

Also, the entire registration procedure for a GmbH in Austria is about 5 weeks.

According to the Austrian Central Statistics Office:

  • –   at the level of 2018, there were 346,469 companies registered in the manufacturing and services sectors in Austria;
  • –   these companies employed 3,044,226 individuals;
  • –   their turnover was 807.4 billion euros.

If you decide to start a small business in Austria and need guidance, our local agents are at your disposal with personalized services for quick incorporation.

You may contact our specialists in company formation in Austria for more details about incorporation of a limited liability company in Austria or other type of company available in this country and also for company registration in Serbia. We can also help you obtain residency by investment in Austria.