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Open a Shop in Austria

Open a Shop in Austria

Retail is one of the most prolific Austrian industries and foreign investors take advantage of the high purchase power of the population, as well as of the geographical proximity with Germany when deciding to open companies in this industry here.

Austria is made up of both urban and remote rural areas, which can be a great advantage for those who decide to open shops here. Also, the city of Parndorf is known as the capital of outlet retailers selling clothes and shoes in this country.

If you want to open a shop here and need information on the legislation regulating the retail sector, our Austrian company formation consultants can advise you.

What types of shops are successful in Austria?

Not only clothing stores are popular in Austria, even most of European citizens come here on shopping vacations. There is also the population which needs other goods, such as food and beverages, detergents and toiletries. In other words, opening a shop for selling FMCG products can be as successful as a clothing one.

Recent surveys indicate that retail will continue to dominate the Austrian economy in 2018 and a serious growth of online stores is predicted. However, opening a traditional shop in Austria will remain a good business idea. Choosing the right location with a good access to customers is very important when opening a shop in Austria.

Our company registration agents in Austria can assist those interested in setting up a shop in this country.

What does one need to open a shop in Austria?

Creating a business plan and registering a company are the first steps when considering opening a shop in Austria. With respect to the company formation process, it is very important for investors to know that the VAT number is essential when opening an Austrian shop.

Once the company is registered, the business owner must start find distributors for the goods he or she intends to sell. Also, appropriate storage facilities must be created for certain perishable goods. Their storage must be done in accordance with the Health Code in Austria. Certain labeling requirements must also be complied with.

Shop owners need to be mindful of the applicable accounting principles according to the business form they incorporate in order to set up their shop in an Austrian city. Our team of accountants in Austria offers complete solutions for business owners looking for assistance in preparing the annual financial statements, bookkeeping and payroll, as well as many others. 

For assistance in registering a business form with the purpose of establishing a shop in Austria, please contact us.