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Open a Recruitment Company in Austria

Open a Recruitment Company in Austria

With the quality and quantity of the workforce, it would be a good business decision to open a recruitment company in Austria. A recruitment or employment company looks for suitable employees that employers are searching for. An employer may require that a permanent or vacant position must be occupied by the employee found by the recruitment company.  Once suitable employees are found, employment companies will screen them in order to find the most qualified. Recruitment companies must have a strong business plan, an effective recruiting strategy, and basic knowledge of the workforce and labor regulations of the country. The labor industry in the country is very attractive for businessmen who want to set up a company in Austria.

Labor market in Austria

Austria takes pride in its highly qualified and motivated workforce. In 2015, its workforce numbered 4,148,400 people, out of a total population of 8.6 million. Out of this total, 35 percent held an apprenticeship qualification, 14.7 percent held secondary school level certificate, and 15.7 had a university level degree. This makes it easier for recruitment companies in Austria to find the most suitable employees that a client is looking for. The Austrian Labor Code allows many types of employment:

– permanent,

– temporary

– marginal,

– freelancing.

Let our specialists in company formation in Austria assist you on how to open your recruitment company.

Setting up a recruitment company in Austria

There are a lot of factors that go into the operation of an employment company in Austria. These are some things to consider for recruitment companies if they open a company in Austria:

1. Type of laborers – Recruitment companies usually focus on the type of workers that they cater. In Austria, the workforce is dominated by the service industry which comprises 70 percent of workers. You must also decide whether you provide permanent or temporary workers, marginal, or freelancers.

2. Employment environment – Since recruitment companies in Austria provide employers with suitable employees, they must evaluate the employment environment of the country, which in Austria is very stable. In recent years, the country recorded a total of 314,855 enterprises which hired 2.5 million employees. This makes it easy for employment companies to find clients for their business.

3. Business structure – You must also decide on the type of company that you will establish in Austria. The two main types of companies in Austria are the limited liability company and the stock corporation. For either type of business, you must obtain a business license with the Austrian District Authority and register your business with the Commercial Registry.

Recruitment companies usually outsource the accounting services they required to properly manage their business. Issues such as bookkeeping, the management of the books, as well as bank account reconciliation and payroll can be easily managed with the help of an external team. You can reach out to our accountants in Austria for information about our solutions for local companies.

There are more things to consider when operating a recruitment company in AustriaGet in touch with our specialists in company incorporation in Austria to obtain more information about this business.