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Workforce in Austria

Workforce in Austria

The workforce in Austria is one of the reasons why many businessmen are attracted to the country. Not only is the workforce highly skilled, but it is also very motivated. The Austrian workforce is composed of around 4.4 million persons and 40 percent of it are females. If you plan to open a company in Austria, you can be assured of quality workers for your business.

Protection of workforce in Austria

The labor relations system of Austria is one of the reasons why its workforce is driven. Laborers are given protection through checks and balances imposed by the Austrian Labor Law. An example of the check and balance imposed is Austria’s social partnership. Through this method, employee unions, representatives of employers and law makers work hand in hand in coming up with rules and regulations concerning employment related issues. Our specialists in company formation in Austria can inform you further on the principle of social partnership.

Working hours of laborers in Austria

Under the Austrian Labor Law, the normal working time is up to forty hours per week. The Austrian labor force works at an average of 41.8 hours a week, which is more than other workers from the European Union. There is also harmony in the workplace which translates to fewer strikes and lockouts. A big part of this harmony is the cooperation between employee unions and the employers. The Austrian Labor Law has provided for means to settle disputes through peaceful dialogues and without the need for strikes or lockouts. This means that if you set up a company in Austria, you will be hiring a very productive workforce.

Types of employees in Austrian workforce

The workforce in Austria is divided into two types: the blue collar and white collar employees. Blue collar employees are those who perform manual and skilled labor, while white collars are those in charge with business or office work. The main difference between the two types is the amount of protection provided. White collars enjoy more benefits and protection under the White Collar Employee Act.

Our specialists in company formation in Austria are knowledgeable of the country’s workforce. For more information, just get in touch with them.