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Set Up a Financial Company in Austria

Set Up a Financial Company in Austria

Foreign investors who want to set up a company in Austria are usually interested in the most developed industries. One of these economic sectors is the financial one. Those interested in starting a financial company in Austria must comply with the legislation related to the financial industry and must obtain various licenses from the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) or from the Federal Ministry of Finance in Austria (BMF).

Our Austrian company formation consultants can offer information on the legislation governing the financial industry.

How to register a financial company in Austria

In order to open a financial business in Austria one must first select one of the types of companies available under the Commercial Code. Among these the private and the public limited liability companies are the most suitable ones. These must have the proper documentation prepared in order to be allowed to operate as financial companies. They must also take into account the share capital requirements imposed by the law which depend on type of activities undertaken.

Our company registration agents in Austria can assist with the registration of the company with the Trade Registrar.

Depending on the activities an Austrian financial company will undertake it will also need to obtain certain licenses from the two authorities mentioned above.

Types of activities undertaken by a financial company in Austria

Austria is a recognized European financial center which is why setting up a financial company has many advantages. Among these advantages are also the variety of activities it can undertake.

Austrian companies can operate in one of the following sectors of the financial industry:

  • –          in the insurance sector;
  • –          in the banking industry;
  • –          in the investment funds sector.

With respect to investment funds, foreign investors may set up various types of funds, among which Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), pension funds and Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS). Austrian financial companies can also offer e-payment services which also enables their clients to use merchant bank account services.

Financial companies are subject to the same annual reporting requirements as any other legal entities in the country. however, given the nature of the services they provide, they may be subject to more complex reporting requirements, as well as other regulatory provisions. Our accountants in Austria offer tailored services that fit the profile of the business. You can reach out to us for details about our solutions.

For assistance in opening a financial company, please contact our company formation advisors in Austria.