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Types of Investment Funds in Austria

Types of Investment Funds in Austria

With a powerful economy and considered one of the main beneficiaries of foreign direct investments from countries around the world, Austria continues to develop a suitable environment and adopt varied incentives meant to attract even more investments in the country. The Commercial Code in Austria serves the same conditions of investment to both local and foreign entrepreneurs, making no differences. If interested in the types of investment funds or how a company in Austria can be registered, our company formation agents in Austria can provide you with complete help and guidance.

The investment funds you can choose in Austria

There are three main investment funds in Austria, an entrepreneur can consider, such as:

•    bond funds;

•    stock funds;

•    mixed funds.

Persons who want to set up an investment fund in Austria may direct their attention to the domestic investment funds which can comprise securitiesliquid financial investments, investment fund shares and money market instruments. With respect to providers of dividends for a particular period of time, the guaranty funds are subject to an obligation imposed by the guarantor. From varied types of investment funds, businessmen can choose in accordance to their interests, a matter where our Austrian specialists in company formation can help. We remind that the company formation in Austria is a simplified process which can be entirely explained by our consultants.

What are exchange traded funds in Austria?

The exchange traded funds (ETFs) in Austria are traded on a stock exchange in form of equities or fund shares and are preferred by foreign investors. The ETFs are also known as index stocks because they are a basket of securities or stocks which indicates the structure of an index, where the returns will pretty much be subject to the price trend. These are also important investments funds chosen by entrepreneurs, due to the stable and reliable stock exchange in Austria.

No matter the type of investment fund you would like to add to your portfolio, a proper understanding of the legislation and requirements in such field are mandatory for each investor, whether he/she has experience or not.

If you want to make investments in Austria and if you want to set up a company, we invite you to get in touch with our team of company incorporation agents in Austria.