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Credit Rating in Austria

Credit Rating in Austria

Austria is one of the most prolific economies in Europe and the European Union, therefore the ratings issued by credit rating agencies have been quite good in the last few years. The legislation related to foreign investments has helped Austria in achieving good ratings. Also, the measures enabled by the government have led to positive outlooks from most agencies.

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The most recent credit ratings for Austria

Austria is rated on a regular basis by some of the largest agencies in the world. Among these are Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, Fitch and DBRS. The latest credit ratings issued by these agencies for Austria provide for:

  • –          Moody’s last assessed Austria in May 2018 when it issued an Aa1 rating;
  • –          Fitch also assessed Austria this year in July when it issued an AA+ rating;
  • –          Standard and Poor’s issued the last rating for Austria in 2013 when it announced an AA+ rating;
  • –          DBRS last assessment for Austria was in 2011 when it issued an AAA rating.

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Most agencies have issued positive outlooks for the Austrian economy

Another important component of a credit rating refers to the outlook of Austria’s economy. Most of the agencies have issued positive and stable outlooks which speak very well about the future developments of the Austrian economy. These outlooks are usually based on the measures announced by the government.

Why are credit ratings important for Austria?

Credit ratings are the most important tool for large investors who want to enter the Austrian market. They are also a good indicator of how healthy the Austrian economy is.

Austria has attracted many good ratings over the years because:

  • –          it has a diversified economy which relies on many developed industries;
  • –          the credibility of its national institutions is very high;
  • –          it is one of the strongest and most stable economies in the EU.

Austria has an open policy on foreign direct investments (FDI) which another strong indicator for good credit ratings, is if you want to set up a business here, please feel free to contact us.