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Why Open a Company in Austria?

Why Open a Company in Austria?

Austria is one of the most appealing investment destinations in Europe and the European Union thanks to both the local and the EU laws which offer interesting business opportunities and the right legal framework to set up companies here.

Foreign investors interested in opening companies in Austria benefit from many incentives related to the taxation of businesses, but also to the incorporation of companies in certain industries. Below, our company formation agents Austria offer more reasons for opening companies here.

The Austrian Company Law encourages investments

The Company Act is the main law providing for the opening of companies in Austria. Foreign investors have the following advantages if they decide to set up businesses here:

  • –          the Austrian Company Act provides for a wide variety of entities which can be registered in Austria;
  • –          foreign investors can open all the types of companies prescribed by the Company Law;
  • –          foreign entrepreneurs will follow the same regulations as local ones when it comes to the requirements for creating businesses;
  • –          the requirements for opening a company in Austria are minimum, implying at least one shareholder and one director;
  • –          the company registration procedure can be completed remotely.

You can give power of attorney to our company registration consultants in Austria who will incorporate the company on your behalf.

The most prolific investment industries in Austria

Foreign investors wondering why they should open companies in Austria must know that in terms of investment industries this country is quite advanced. Among the most prolific industries they can establish companies in are:

  • –          information technology which encompasses subsectors like security and financial technology;
  • –          the financial sector which now includes cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology;
  • –          trading which is one of the largest contributors to the Austrian economy;
  • –          real estate, in which investors can set up construction companies and real estate agencies;
  • –          manufacturing which is the top economic sector in Austria.

Austria is one of the most prolific economies of the European Union and if you need assistance in opening a company here, please feel free to contact us anytime.