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Set Up a Company in Agriculture in Austria

Set Up a Company in Agriculture in Austria

Enterprisers interested in investing in Austria have various choices. The Austrian economy is one of the most developed and performant economies in Europe and many industries are open to foreign investments. One of the sectors worth looking at is agriculture because it offers various business opportunities. Investors interested in setting up a business in agriculture in Austria must comply with certain regulations imposed by the laws.

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Legislation related to agriculture in Austria

The most important law providing for the establishment of an Austrian company in the agricultural sector is the Agriculture Act which was enabled in 1992 and last amended in 2010. The other important law which provides for the cultivation of crops is the Seed Law, while the Commercial Code provides for the types of entities which can be registered with the Austrian Trade Register before starting any commercial activity in agriculture.

One of the most important supporters of agricultural companies in Austria is the Chamber of Agriculture which facilitates the relation between businesses and governmental authorities and which also supervises the legal and taxation aspects related to the industry in all the country’s regions.

Registering a company in the Austrian agricultural sector

As mentioned before, before starting operating an agricultural business must first be registered with the Trade Register in Austria, followed by applying for certain licenses and permit with the local authorities which will enable it to cultivate agricultural products, seeds or even grow animals.

Some of the authorizations must be obtained with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, while the Agency for Health and Food Safety is in charge with verifying and clearing the products destined for export. For agricultural goods to be exported a license must be obtained with the Customs Authorities.

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